This is a draft transcript of the first 4 minutes of the anonymous video below.

If any of it is true, the US election was not just tainted, but Trump and his campaign and Administration has been run by Vladimir Putin.


We are Anonymous and we have been gathering breadcrumbs left by the Kremlin Operatives who conducted the cyber Pearl Harbor attack on America’s electoral infrastructure. On June 6th 2015, Russia’s Vladimir Putin signed the order directing Russian SVR to employ every means to manipulate the American election.

Two weeks later Donald Trump announced his candidacy for US president. Months earlier Trump met with Russian intelligence officials to formulate a plan to take over the US government with the help of Russia. We know this because we have a mole inside these operations.

Alas, when children run operations they spill milk along the way and forget to clean up. The Kremlin children sloppily left digital fingerprints, communications, and voice messages for Anonymous to find. Yes we know how these amateurs stole the emails from the Democratic servers in Washington, D.C.

That Russian team came in with all those little toys and vacuumed up the data brazenly setting up shop near the Democratic National headquarters until it’s deed was done.

  •  We know the Russians have operatives in two US vote machine companies. We know they’ve burrowed into the election systems of 29 states to cause mischief and remove voters.
  • We know they have reverse engineered data cards used in two different vote machines.
  • And we know they have perfected the skills how to wireless hack machines to change the votes.

The SVR hack was an act of war against the United States to subvert its political system in order to destabilize and paralyze the US so that it could not effectively counter Russian aggression in Europe. It was meant as a warning that Democracy itself is no longer safe.

The SVR’s cyberwar campaign was insidious and devastating. Stage one involved the stealing of sensitive information that could be used to discredit and compromise Hillary Clinton. This stolen data was doctored for maximum damage.  It was then disseminated through the Russian propaganda WikiLeaks to make it appear to be from whistle blowers rather than hackers.

Stage 2 involved involved having Russian agents based in pro-Russian countries set up fake news to spread lies about Hillary in order to irreparably damage her and suppress the vote. Thousands of such stories were leveraged into a massive disinformation campaign backed by a Russian troll and cyberbot army. This toxic flood of propaganda poisoned the well of democracy and undermined the legitimacy and fairness of the election.

Stage 3 involved the contact with Donald Trump both directly and through his son-in-law Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort. Trump has been compromised by the SVR personally and professionally and he knows that he must play their game or be destroyed. For Russia this is a win-win because either it has Trump as a puppet or further undermines American democracy by bringing down another Administration

Stage 4 involved the placement of Russian agents and advocates into the Trump Administration and executive agencies in order to ensure that its geopolitical agenda is realized. This is being done right now.

Donald Trump has mocked the overwhelming evidence that Russia got him elected through cyberwarfare. But now we have shown that the SVR plans and his communications with the Kremlins goblins are not going to stay hidden. Vladimir Putin’s declaration of war against America has now been exposed.


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