President Elect Trump’s erratic behavior now includes diplomacy by tweet.  This were his actual tweets tonight.  This is not a joke. It may turn out to be deadly serious.


On Friday, December 2, 2016, Trump spoke on the phone with Taiwan’s leader Tsai-Ing Wen. (

Which was bizarre since as any High School student knows, the US does not have a diplomatic relationship with Taiwan. The Trump Administration is justifying the discussion because “Taiwan called him”. Mike Pence, the VP-elect claims it was no different than President Obama responding to Castro’s death or Obama’s Cuban policy. What Pence seems to not realize is that Obama’s actions regarding Cuba were based on deliberation and consideration of US interests and policies. Trump’s discussion with Taiwan was the result of incompetence and lack of preparation.

Apparently China filed a complaint about this interaction with the White House. Trump appears upset that China would file such a complaint so now he is rambling trying to justify why he doesn’t need China’s approval to speak with Taiwan. Unfortunately he doesn’t even confer with the State Dept about these interactions.

We are entering a new dimension through the Trump rabbit hole. And it is terrifying.

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